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The humor in Lysistrata is the focus of this latest adaptation. Playwright Edward Einhorn, known for his comic absurdist plays, translates the ancient Greek humor into something equally amusing to a modern audience, without losing the flavor of the ancient text. Complete with essays, selected music, and a second version of the play for inventive directors, this newest adaptation of Aristophanes’ philosophical comedy focuses on three elements of the human condition that have not changed in nearly 2500 years: war, sex, and, most of all, laughter.

"Einhorn has done a thorough job of streamlining the play and making it dramatically coherent...his Lysistrata  offers accessible opportunities for various creative approaches... Einhorn's Lysistrata is basically a fun story with a timeless appeal and lots of room for camp."

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

"Retaining the bawdy humor of the original, Lysistrata is undeniably a laugh-out-loud comedy of war, sex, and wicked fun. It is an excellent contribution to theater shelves."

Midwest Book Review

"A fun, risque, energetic piece of theater."

Hi Drama

116 pages
ISBN 0-9770197-2-1